Need To Register With the FCC?

  • Does your business require registration with the FCC?
  • Not sure what FCC licenses you need to obtain?
  • Aren't sure about which forms to complete and what information you need to provide?
  • The solution: CommTRACK$ Licensing Services!

Nearly all providers of telecommunications services in the United States must register with the Federal Communications Commission before providing service. Failure to register before your company is operational can cause serious regulatory headaches, including significant monetary penalties and in some cases enforcement actions by the FCC.

Our simple, easy-to-use FCC licensing services lets you obtain the right FCC licenses with ease and confidence.

Some highlights of our licensing services include:

  • Quick and easy upload of company licensing information
  • Real-time status updates and notifications synced with the FCC's website
  • A wizard-based process that lets you know which license you actually need to file
  • A fixed fee for simple FCC licenses so you know the costs in advance