About CommTRACK$

  • CommTRACK$ is the simple, cost-effective way to get FCC licenses and stay compliant
  • Entering the telecommunications industry has never been easier or less expensive thanks to CommTRACK$
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CommTRACK$ is a revolutionary online service that puts the power to obtain licenses and maintain compliance with a variety of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations within the reach of all communications enterprises, no matter your size.

CommTRACK$ was developed by top attorneys in the communications industry to be a cost-effective, one-stop technology based solution to the FCC licensing and compliance needs of the communications industry. We created CommTRACK$ in response to what we saw as an insatiable demand for an easier, less-costly solution to the regulatory compliance dilemma.

Speaking with clients and hundreds of other communications business owners, executives and personnel over the years, we frequently confronted the same sentiment with respect to regulatory compliance:

  • We want to comply, we just don't know how!
  • We want to comply, but it's too complicated!
  • We want to comply, but it costs too much!

CommTRACK$ is the answer to these frustrations. FCC licensing and compliance has never been easier. We provide the tools, all you need to do is register and compliance is just a click away.